Uxbridge Plumbing and Heating

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We are local plumbers able to carry out work in the bathroom and kitchen as well as fitting, modifying and repairing heating systems.

What Does the Work Plumber Mean?

The word plumber comes from the Latin and literally means someone who works with Lead. This was a very good name when most water pipes were made of lead. It also allowed these tradesmen to work with lead on roofs. Since that time most water pipes are now made of copper or plastic.

It has been suggested that the name of this trade be changed to “Pipe Fitter” but this would not fully represent the name as it ignores the work of fitting bathrooms and kitchen sinks and also heating systems.

Plumbers also Install and Maintain Heating

Most heating systems are fuelled by gas (although electric and wood also exists). This means that to work on a boiler system someone must be qualified and registered with Gas Safe (this is the new name for Corgi). This registration ensures that you will get a safe and quality job as a gas fitter must have 2 years of experience working on many types of boilers and heating systems beyond the initial training.

Master Plumbers Installing a Heating Pump
Master Plumbers Installing a Heating Pump

If you need a new boiler and repair or just a service then all of these services are provided. We can also clean a heating system either using a chemical cleaner or a Power Flush machine.